Sea2see sustainable eyewear made 100% with ocean plastic waste

Submitted Nov 2019

Sustainable eyewear made 100% with recycled ocean plastic waste and abandoned fishnets collected in collaboration with fisherman in order to create awareness about Ocean contamination and prove that circular economy in the fashion industry is possible. Sustainable fashion is a must in the Eyewear industry. 117 containers have been placed in 30 Spanish ports and 6 French ports where fisherman deposit plastic waste, abandoned nets, fishing lines, ropes, etc Our trucks collect on average 1 TON of waste per day, that we transfer to our waste selection plant in Girona, Spain. We manually separate and select the different types of plastic waste to be recycled and then reused as raw material. Our frames our made with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold UPSEA PLAST; our recycled polymer which is sent to Italy in order to manufacture 100% of our All our glasses are made 100% in Italy meeting the quality requirement of any optical markets. Sea2see glasses are born in the sea, sold across the World and worn by people that care for a cleaner Ocean.


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