Natural Glitter

Submitted Nov 2019

NatureGlitz Glitter is Marine and wastewater biodegradable. We are mainly Vegan and cruelty-free 🌱 No Animal Testing. NatureGlitz is made in Germany from renewable raw materials. The Glitter has a high Cosmetic quality and is softer than plastic so it feels better on your skin. WHAT MAKES NATUREGLITZ BIODEGRADABLE? NatureGlitz Glitter is made from natural plant-based products such as Cellulose (mostly from Eucalyptus). Therefore our Glitter is biodegradable (also Marine and wastewater biodegradable). Our Glitter is Eco-Friendly and does not harm our planet in any way. Usually glitter is made from plastics which is not biodegradable and litters our beautiful planet. We want to spread the awareness regarding the environmental micro plastic issues associated with polyester/plastic glitter. If you appreciate 🌍 planet earth as much as we do NatureGlitz Glitter is the right glitter for you. WHY ARE WE SUSTAINABLE? Sustainability is our Passion! Therefore our entire packaging is made by recycled and vegan material (including sticker, business cards, flyers...). We sell our Glitter in a plastic-free packaging, even our Glitter container is made of glas (glas jars + aluminum lid). WHERE DOES THE CELLULOSE COME FROM? Our Cellulose comes mainly from the Eucalyptus plant. The plants we use are all coming from certified sustainable small forest owners


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