Reusable Regular Coffee Cup

Submitted Nov 2019

Great looking & cool to the touch, our reusable coffee cups won’t affect the flavour of your favourite coffee! Designed to be reused over & over again, our cups are light, tough and very durable, made from 100% food safe silicone. Love Coffee, Hate Waste? Billions of disposable coffees cups end up in landfills each year across the globe. Your coffee is important, and so is what you drink it out of. Up until recently, people believed they were doing the right thing by drinking their coffee from a “paper” cup, but that paper is often lined with plastic and makes it almost impossible to recycle, let alone biodegrade. Add to this the plastic of the disposable lid and the single use plastic and waste really starts to add up. Our retro looking range of coffee cups are made to be reused again and again. Made from 100% food-safe silicone – our reusable coffee cup is light, tough, attractive, very durable and most importantly won’t affect your favourite coffee’s taste. Keeping your coffee warm for longer whilst staying cool to the touch, our cups are designed to barista standards, which means they fit in the machine at your favourite café. As our reusable coffee cup is 100% recyclable, you can now enjoy your coffee experience, without compromise. Coffee on the go, with nothing to throw! Features: > Made from 100% food-safe silicone > Dishwasher safe > Designed to barista standards > Microwave safe > 355ml/12oz capacity > Cup height: 11.5cm/4.5in > Cup diameter of top/opening from outer edge to outer edge: 9cm/3.5in > Lid diameter from outer edge to outer edge: 9.5cm/3.7in > Lid diameter from dip where the cup lip slips in: 8.5cm/3.3in > Lid diameter from the inner lip edge to the inner lip edge: 7cm/2.7in > 100% recyclable > 12 month Manufacturers Warranty


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