ReCrafted - Clothes Made From Other Clothes.

Submitted Nov 2019

These are clothes made from other clothes. Created from thousands of used garments diverted from the landfill, sorted and salvaged at our Reno Repair Center, designed in collaboration with a woman who sees only potential in the things left behind, and finally deconstructed and sewn in Los Angeles—this collection shows the true force of what radical acts of imagination can become. Life happens in chapters. Some of them deliberate, others unexpected. It’s this patchwork that makes life so dynamic and interesting, and is the inspiration for our ReCrafted collection. Each one-of-a-kind garment is uniquely remade in California from an array of deconstructed and repurposed materials of various shades. The final pops of color may vary from what is shown. Rest assured, everything has been cleaned through the process, but may have slight signs of use from a previous life. After all, the scars tell the story.


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