Moo, A Tree-Free Business Card

Submitted Nov 2019

Moo makes all of their cards from tees, not trees. They use recycled t-shirt offcuts to make cotton, which will then be used to produce their tree-free paper. Moo put a new spin on the traditional paper production process, one which has been used for centuries to create some of the best types of paper. Using such an innovative process, you get a crisp and subtly textured cotton-based paper. It’s lightweight yet durable. It’s uncoated, and it’s naturally bright white. Colours will come out vividly when printed on such paper. > Made of tree-free paper > Made of 100% cotton from t-shirt scraps > Quality business card (More durable than pulp-based paper) > Naturally white paper > Prints colours vividly > Comes in recycled packaging


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