Reusable Cigarette Filter

Submitted Nov 2019

Low Cost, Effective & Efficient. When you purchase the TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter System you receive one clear and one black mouthpiece, as well as one filter insert and one o-ring. See the picture to the left. Each Permanent Cigarette Filter can be used for about 20 cigarettes. Our Permanent Cigarette Filter is by far the best value of any cigarette holding filter on the market. It's low cost, very effective and most importantly reusable. Why would you purchase a reusable cigarette filter, rather than disposable cigarette filters? The primary reason is because it's by far the most economical cigarette filter we sell. You're able to smoke roughly a pack of cigarettes between each washing. This number varies by person and brand of cigarettes. If you purchase either the clear or the amber color you'll then be able to see the tar build up and therefor know exactly when it's time to clean it.


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