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Submitted Nov 2019

Discover a modern way to support great non-profit charitable organizations in your city What we do We have built SupportingAct to be an online platform that serves organizations that are focused on doing good, as well as those who believe that these organizations can make a difference. Through connecting them, we hope to produce long-lasting good. Long-term partners We believe that great organizations take time to build. We side together with great non-profits for the long run, not just one-off fundraisers or temporary projects. Focus on local impact Our approach has a local focus. We acknowledge that global problems exist and are incredibly important, but we believe that with local help, our impact can be more tangible, longer-lasting, and ultimately have a global positive effect. How it works Through SupportingAct, we connect non-profit organizations with people who want to support them in their mission. Our Subscription for Good is a modern and easy way for people to support causes they care about with no hassle. Who we are SupportingAct is a charitable, not-for-profit organization that is entirely built and run by Daniela and Rapha. We have no investors or office. We have no hidden agenda, no fine print. We hope to get more people doing good — and we're hard at work removing barriers to make that happen.


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