3-in-1 Splash Box

Submitted Oct 2019

ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime. The goal is to eliminate plastics from lunchboxes to not only reduce exposure to the leach-y toxins commonly found in such products but to also do the right thing for Mother Earth. ECOlunchbox builds sustainable alternatives to how you carry your meals. The 3-in-1-Splash Box uses modular design and has leak-proof lids. The 3-in-1 Splash Box is a three-piece set that stacks and nests making it a powerful plastic-free lunchtime tool. You'll love the space-saving design which features three food compartments, including an upstairs and a downstairs section as well as a nesting snack container called the Mini Splash Pod, which tucks inside the top layer. Plus, what’s not to love about no-leak lids? This plastic-free lunch packer has it all when it comes to convenience. Holding 4 cups of food, it straps together with a wavy silicone band that attaches to a wave-shaped latch. The nubby waves on the strap are non-slip and easy to use for all ages.


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