The DoneGood App

Submitted Oct 2019

Shop hundreds of ethical, sustainable, and all natural brands—and save with exclusive discounts. Everyone has their own ways of Doing Their Bit, but one of mine is trying to be more thoughtful about where I spend my money. DoneGood is an app that helps you a find businesses and brands that are doing good. They might be sustainable, or minority-run, or women-owned, or vegan, or only stock locally sourced goods; whatever you value, they've got recommendations for. When you first open the app on your phone, you're given a number of different values to choose from. And yes, you can select them all if you want. After the app knows what you care about, what you're shopping for, and where you live (if you're looking for local stores), it gives you a whole load of recommendations. A lot of these stores also offer discount codes to DoneGood users, which can be anything from $10 to 25% off your purchase.


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