Silicone Teabags

Submitted Oct 2019

FineGood tea bags are made of food grade silicone, flexible and non-toxic, heat resistant up to 480F, will not leach or ruin the flavor of your tea. With a rope on the top, you could take it out of the cup easily. Set of 6 in the package, your friends could join you to share the tea. Temperature Range: -40F - 480F Size - Height of the transparent body: 2.3'' / 6.7cm - Length of the rope: 4.7'' / 12cm - Width of the bottom: 1.65'' / 4.2cm Using Tips 1. Open the bottom cover and spoon your loose tea leaf into the tea bag. 2. Close the cover back on and place the tea bag into your tea cup. 3. Pour hot water and steep.


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