Fused Footwear: 3D printed shoes

Submitted Oct 2019

Walking the talk of sustainability, Fused Footwear produces shoes that are entirely 3D-printed, allowing them to be recycled and customised. The shoes, made of thermoplastic elastomer, are skin-friendly and do not pick up odours or dirt. They are also waterproof and boast high abrasion resistance and good grip. Through Fused Footwear’s Return 2 Recycle initiative, customers can send their worn out pair of shoes back to the company and receive a 20 per cent discount on their next pair. Fused Footwear hopes that through this initiative, plastic involved in the manufacturing of the shoe is recycled as much as possible. The company also intends to analyse the condition of the returned shoe, hoping it reveals ways to improve the manufacturing process. The company tells Eco-Business that it plans to work with podiatrists to add personalised, corrective features to the shoes, offering consumers bespoke footwear. It is also experimenting with Dual Extrusion 3D printing, which would allow the inclusion of hard and flexible materials for making women’s heels and wedges.


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