The zero-odor germ-freezing waste bin

Submitted Oct 2020

Freezes Compost, Diapers & Germs to 0° in Minutes Petal is a new type of home appliance that eliminates foul odors and halts the spread of germs, simply by freezing them. The Revolution in Compost & Diaper Bins No Liners Or Accessories Required Proprietary liners are expensive, unnecessary and bad for the planet. Easy disposal and cleaning so you can go with or without liners. Neutralizes Germs & Eliminates Foul Odors On a Cellular Level At sub-zero temperatures, Petal forces bacterial cell membranes to rupture and eliminates water vapors, stopping the spread of germs & erasing odors. Form meets Function Everything you need, nothing you don't. Petal’s inviting, minimalist design seamlessly adapts to every room of your home. Powered by Rocket Science Invented by aerospace engineers, with patent-pending technology that freezes waste using next gen insulation, sustainable refrigerant & innovative design.


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