Order to-go from restaurants making earth-friendly choices.

Submitted Aug 2020

Our Mission JYBE wants to help solve the single-use plastic crisis by empowering and encouraging consumers to direct their meal delivery orders to restaurants that are using eco-friendly packaging. Our Philosophy Information leads to better choices, and choice is power for consumers who want their purchases to reflect their social values. JYBE relies on its users to report back on what types of materials are being used in their food deliveries. We then promote those eateries making Earth-friendly packaging choices. For those restaurants that need some guidance making the transition, we’ll gladly consult on the best choices for their needs. Using JYBE to check which restaurants are most committed to sustainable packaging will help us accelerate the transition to eco-friendly products through consumer demand. Our goal is to educate diners and restaurants alike, and lead a cultural shift just like reusable supermarket shopping bags or the elimination of plastic straws. Our mission towards sustainability In a perfect world, we’d eliminate all single-use items that are harmful to the environment. In the meantime, JYBE has prioritized readily available materials based on their sustainability and effectiveness that all restaurants can utilize.


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