Monterey with Longlast Filter

Submitted Oct 2019

Now the classically styled Monterey Pitcher comes with a Brita Longlast® Filter to deliver up to 120 gallons of great-tasting water. Every Brita Longlast® Filter lasts 4x longer than Pur and 8x longer than Zerowater, the equivalent of 900 disposable water bottles. So you can save money, and keep plastic waste out of landfills. SPECS: Fits in most refrigerator doors Height: 10.31 inches Width: 8.74 inches Depth: 6.50 inches Weight: 2.6 lbs. Model #: OB 50 WHAT IT FILTERS: The Brita Longlast® Filter reduces even more contaminants than a Standard Brita® Filter. The Brita Longlast® filter is certified to reduce chlorine (taste and odor), particulate class 1, cadmium, mercury, lead, asbestos, and benzene.


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