Off the Grid Eco Lodges

Submitted Sep 2019

Go to a secret location to unwind in an off-grid eco lodge. Slow cabins places temporary off the grid eco lodges at secret locations close to home. Unplug from hectic city life and enjoy the simplicity of nature. NATURE Nature is our source of energy and inspiration. You can see it, smell it, hear, and taste it. Recharge and reconnect with your loved ones and your environment. Discover the essence of life. SECRET Trust our choice. We select unique and secluded locations where you can relax and recharge away from mass. SELF-SUFFICIENCY Time for an off the grid revolution. We’ve consciously chosen circular designs and clean, autonomous technologies with a minimal environmental impact. SLOW Slow down, make time for each other, and find beauty close to home. Our cabins are less than a two-hour trip away.


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