Cook with what’s in season and reduce your carbon footprint.

Submitted Jun 2020

Kuri is the first sustainable cooking app, helping you eat more seasonal and more local. Kuri is the first cooking app that: • learns and adapts to your dietary restrictions and cooking habits • adapts to the seasonality of produce around you - so you can cook with what your local farmers currently have! • shows you the carbon footprint and the sustainability rating for each meal • makes cooking seasonal easy and super enjoyable! RECIPES MADE FOR YOU Whether you're an avid cook or an instant noodles kind of chef, Kuri learns from your cooking level, tastes, shopping habits and dietary restrictions to figure out which recipes suit you best. WHAT'S IN SEASON? Updated every month, our seasonal produce calendar helps you figure out what's in season around YOU with ease! Kuri is the first ever app that not only adapts to your preferences, but also to the seasonality of fruits and vegetables available around you! COOK MORE LOCAL AND MORE SEASONAL Month after month, find hundreds of seasonal recipes that fit your dietary restrictions, tastes and values. LEARN ABOUT THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF OUR RECIPES Kuri is the only app that calculates and shows you the carbon emissions of each meal ! The carbon footprint varies quite a lot from one month to another, from changes in seasonality. To help you reduce your carbon emissions, we show you the ideal period of time to cook a recipe where its carbon footprint is at its lowest. SEARCH BY INGREDIENT, LESS THAN 5 INGREDIENTS, CUISINE... Looking for something specific? Kuri lets you filter through its 500 recipes with ease and speed. Are you looking to use what's in your fridge already? Or are you looking for a quick recipe with less than 5 ingredients? Dozens of filters will allow you to do just that! Our search works even in plane mode. In case you wanna like, I don't know, cook in a plane?! MORE THAN 500 ORIGINAL & DELICIOUS RECIPES Our recipes are cooked and photographed with love by our team of passionate, conscious chefs! We're on a mission to help you eat more seasonal, and reduce your carbon footprint while cooking delicious, whole foods meals. SMART GROCERY LIST Add a recipe to your grocery list in one tap. Organized by aisle, our smart grocery list will help you navigate through the shops and get everything you need in no time! ----- Our seasonal produce database currently covers the following regions: US, UK, Canada and France.


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