B2 Mask

A sustainable, reusable respirator mask.

Submitted May 2020

The B2 is a reusable respirator that filters 99% of common contaminants and reduces filter cost and waste by half. Unlike existing consumer masks, the B2 features a flexible, patent-pending facepiece that provides superior protection and comfort. The B2 is the culmination of 4+ years of design and development, and is now ready to be mass produced. Drawbacks of Existing Masks: Each of these mask types suffers from the following three issues. > Poor face seals: Existing masks don't always achieve an adequate seal on the face, resulting in decreased protection [1] > High waste and cost: N95 masks are intended to be changed regularly, which is inconvenient and expensive in many use cases > Scalability of manufacturing: Face masks cannot be produced fast enough to meet the demands of both the health care system and general public


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