Buy, Sell, and Trade Local Produce

Submitted Sep 2019

Vinder is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and buy local produce. We connect home growers with community members looking for local produce. We're here to create system that informs consumers about who's growing their food, how it's being grown, and where. Local Food Sustainability The current food system has led to weakened local economies and food systems. We have become separated from the origins of our food. Know where your food comes from. Know who grows it. Know how it is grown. Food grown locally and ethically. Our food dollars going back into our local economies. Organic Organic has become a term used as a major corporate profit maker. But it is about more than what is being defined by “organic”. It is about real foods we were meant to eat. Healthy for us, the soil, and the local communities’ economy. Food and growing techniques that do not harm the environment or us. Control of Our Food The current food system is unsustainable. Soil nutrient depletion, genetically modified produce, our food is sprayed with chemicals, and picked weeks before ripe. Gassed and transported thousands of miles using large amounts of non-renewable resources. Vinder was created to give us a choice.


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