Pack it eco

For all your sustainable food packaging and presentation needs.

Submitted Apr 2020

Packiteco provides a platform for businesses to source eco-friendly alternatives to plastic disposables and other harmful products, confident in the knowledge that eco-credentials of all suppliers and products have been checked and verified. With a simple ordering process and prompt delivery, purchasing sustainable products has never been so easy. We want the use of environmentally harmful disposable crockery to stop. What if the opposite does not soon become the norm around the world? Pack it eco brings together people who want to avoid plastic packaging and similar polluting garbage. The international suppliers who sell biodegradable and environmentally friendly goods. And the customers who prefer to buy such products. Everyone in our online shop can contribute to sustainability in the world. We make sourcing sustainable products easy. And pave the way for visionary companies, brave ideas, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Our online platform will be much more than a marketplace. Pack it eco offers qualified information about waste prevention and ecological initiatives. We form a like-minded community. We also support other global green initiatives.


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