Plastic free, biodegradable, refillable cleaning products.

Submitted Mar 2020

SUSTAINABLE We are convinced that we can promise you a clean household without further destroying our planet. That is why all of our ecotabs are free of fillers, phosphates and microplastics. All of our products are made in Germany and from degradable raw materials. With our 100% vegan products, no tests have been carried out on or with animals. PLASTIC FREE We produce 50 million tons of plastic waste in Europe every year. Last week's coffee mug, the toothbrush you used 20 years ago, or the plastic bag from shopping three months ago - they're all still on our planet. So far, only a fraction of it has been recycled. ecotab has set itself the task of making the world a little better. Start preventing plastic waste today! CLIMATE FRIENDLY We use revolutionary pasture grass cartons with which we save 98% water in production, ecotabs in biodegradable paper packaging and our everbottles are made of 100% recycled PET. With our ecotabs, water or disposable plastic is no longer transported unnecessarily, so we can save 94% CO2. Our mission is to keep your household clean without polluting our environment. That is why we only use environmentally friendly ingredients, avoid plastic in the supply chain and plant a tree for every order.


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