Rareform Repurposed Bags & Accessories

We save billboards from ending up in landfills.

Submitted Mar 2020

How we got here: Alec was living in El Salvador when he saw his friends and neighbors using billboards as roofing. It dawned on him: billboards are durable and weather resistant, made from vinyl (who knew?), and are not traditionally recyclable. Being an avid surfer, he came back to the US, grabbed his brother, and found someone to sew a surfboard bag made from billboards. Several phone calls to some large billboard companies later, truckloads started showing up to their parents’ house (sorry, mom!). And so it began. How we do it: The fun starts here. Our team rifles through hundreds of billboards daily and sorts them two ways: by colors and by thickness. We research what colors and patterns make YOU feel unique, and sort based on which colors sell best for certain bags. Our goal is simple: make a high quality, sustainable make that is as one-of-a-kind as you. No fancy technology here. Our team then cuts each billboard in our warehouse in Agoura Hills, CA into pieces to be sent out for final stitching. We review the cuts pieces for color quality and any potential damage before sending them on their way. Wondering about scraps? We use scrap pieces to make some of our tiniest products (hello, Roam Keychain!) to ensure the most minimal amount of waste. We scoured the globe to find expert sewers just as obsessed with sustainability and uniqueness as we are. You have them to thank for making your RAREFORM gear durable and built to last. We photograph each bag individually to ensure the one you purchase is absolutely the exact one you receive. What does this look like? Each product is photographed, edited, and uploaded to our site one by one - up to 500 times a day.


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