SolSource Solar Powered Grill

Submitted Sep 2019

The SolSource Solar Powered Grill has been featured on programs like Top Chef, The Discovery Channel, and BBC. This grill uses reflections of the Sun’s rays to heat up a grilling platform suspended between the reflective areas. It can cook a meal in 10 minutes and the setup can be cleaned simply with water. Easy to use, clean and safe. The cookware heats up five times faster than traditional charcoal. That means you can get cooking easier, faster. It is easy to clean and safe to use. 100% Pollution free cooking. The solar cooker operates with just direct sun light from our sun. No gas, no charcoal, no biomass – just inexhaustible solar energy. 100% Recyclable. We engineered our products for top outdoor performance while upholding rigorous ethical and environmental standards. This is a 100% recyclable product.


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