Erica Naturkosmetik

Natural soap shop. #Berlin

Submitted Feb 2020

You get the finest, selected natural cosmetics and handmade soaps from our factory in Mecklenburg, Germany. Cut from a piece or individually packaged. In our shop in Weserstr. 191 in Berlin-Neukölln you will also find a wide range of natural cosmetics: hair soaps, oils, decorative items, dental care and other great things. Accessories for the bathroom, gift items, vouchers and soap dishes made of enamel, wood and ceramics complete our offer. We are a small, local company and prefer to work with small, local companies. Fair and organic and, if possible, vegan. In the shop you get all-round advice that no drugstore can offer you. You can try out all soaps and products in the shop, we are happy to give you samples.


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