The Green Club

WhatsApp number to chat with strangers about sustainability.

Submitted Feb 2020

Join Our Community BETA (150 Spots Available) Our conversations spark climate action and innovative thinking while being fun and engaging. Our users are passionate global citizens who care deeply about sustainability. Some are experts, innovators, educators, and solution-oriented doers for global sustainability. Others have a desire to learn and live truly sustainable lives. It is only through conversation and cooperation that we will achieve global sustainability. FAQ: What is The Green Club: The Green Club is a text-based chat application hosted on WhatsApp that kick starts conversations about critical global sustainability topics while aiming to help promote daily sustainability habits. It is a non-profit initiative of Discus Institute. Will others see my phone number or WhatsApp account? No. The Green Club acts an an intermediary so that each member only sees The Green Club's phone number and WhatsApp account. How does it work? Every Saturday and Sunday, we kick start conversation threads with small groups of users by introducing them to a sustainability discussion prompt. Each discussion thread expires in 14 hours, so make the most of it!


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