Re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

Submitted Feb 2020

Blueland is re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. We're starting with proprietary cleaners sold as the Clean Up Kit: 3 Forever Bottles, 3 different nickel-sized tablets. They're 300x lighter, 200x smaller and $2/refill. Fill, drop, clean! How It Works > Fill your Forever Bottle with water > Drop in a tablet for a full bottle of cleaner or soap > Clean in minutes - no shaking or stirring needed Tried, Tested, Proven Eliminated more grease and grime than leading comparable brands - all without the harmful chemicals. Introducing the Forever Bottle Thoughtfully designed for you and the planet. Never buy or toss another plastic bottle again. Only pay $2 for refills. The Clean Essentials Kit > 4 Forever Bottles > 3 Cleaning Tablets (Multi-Surface, Glass + Mirror, Bathroom) > 1 Foaming Hand Soap Tablet > 20% Savings v. Individual Starter Sets


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