They deliver your groceries with a cargo bike in beautiful glass jars.

Submitted Feb 2020

WasteBoards are created in collaboration with the Amsterdam skateboard scene. It took more than 2 years of research and development to create our skateboard. To maintain our unique caps pattern design we created a complete new production method to guarantee the right strength and stiffness. During the development we tested our board to withstand a point pressure of more that 400 kg. We even drove a car over it and it withheld! The deck is designed with 200 anti slip studs and a concave. The slight fishtail is a small reference to our mission keeping plastics out of the oceans. Plastic pollution is a growing problem. Worldwide. Rivers, oceans, beaches, cities become more and more polluted with plastic. WasteBoards wants to turn the tide by involving as many people as possible, creating value from plastic waste. While having fun doing it. We manufacture high quality skateboards from plastic bottle caps. We collect these bottle caps together with the visitors of music events, school kids, companies, you name it. Each WasteBoard is made by hand. And each design is completely unique, because no single colour pattern is the same as any other.


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