Rothy's recycled shoes

Beautiful, comfortable, washable shoes.

Submitted Feb 2020

Single-use plastic water bottles have become an environmental plague. Shoe company Rothy's transforms them into stylish, and environmentally friendly, flats, loafers and sneakers, with styles geared for women and kids. While plastic water bottles aren't usually the most colorful items, Rothy's come in all sorts of bright looks with animal-print designs and even flames for the kids. The shoemaker says it's repurposed over 27 million plastic bottles that were originally destined for landfills. What we do. At Rothy’s, we create beautiful, comfortable, washable shoes—sustainably. To date, we’ve transformed over 30 million plastic water bottles into stylish flats. And that’s just the beginning. How we do it. Our owned and operated factory in Dongguan, China sets the standard for sustainable, responsible manufacturing. Continually striving for zero waste, we combine the best of 3D knitting technology and handcrafted assembly to create our signature style and comfort. Why we do it. We believe beautiful, sustainable style is the way of the future. We love connecting with our customers—and seeing them engage with one another—over shared experiences, values and love of the product. We’re inspired by women. And we’re with them every step of the way.


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