A bite-sized, actionable, sustainability newsletter.

Submitted Feb 2020

Changeletter is a bite-sized, actionable, sustainability newsletter for busy millennials who want to do good. In 3 minutes or less, we break down monthly topics into weekly modules every Wednesday: read, listen, act, and reflect. From the creator: 🌎 At least once a week, I see horrible things happening to the Earth and think to myself, "I should make more sustainable choices." Then, my phone buzzes with my next meeting notification and I forget all about it. ☕️ Back to the grind. 😖 Crowded news cycles and apocalyptic climate disasters make us feel like we're part of the problem, never the solution. That's what Changeletter aims to change. We are your first social impact newsletter eliminating the friction between information and action, starting with content around environmental sustainability. Each month, I pick a topic within sustainability (previously sustainable fashion, food waste, natural disasters and climate change). Then, I break it down for you every Wednesday of the month into four modules: 📰 Read 🎧 Listen 🏃‍♀️ Act 🤔 Reflect. If you're like me and you've always wanted to "do something" but had a hard time starting, check out Changeletter! I'd love your feedback - whether it's the design, content, or simply something you enjoyed reading.


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