Recycled USB memory drive

Custom Eco-Friendly Rectangular Recycled USB Memory Drives

Submitted Feb 2020

The case on this USB memory drive is made from recycled wood pulp. Summary Take your marketing strategy to the next level with our portable data storage drive that not only provides legendary efficiency and durability but is eco-friendly to contribute to the preservation of our Earth! Everyone will appreciate a dependable product to transport important files, all while recognizing the product with your brand name. Advertise your company with a useful go-green product to essentially compliment your services! Overview Elevate your branding strategy with our state of art memory drive that is made entirely out of recycled cardboard! This eco-friendly drive will be sure to make a splash at your next event or trade show. You have the option to either engrave or print your logo onto the frame of the drive. We have a design team on staff that would love to help you develop your creation. If your creative design or logo on the case wasn’t enough of an advertisement, there is up to 100 MB of storage available to pre-upload with promotional material, which will appear at the initial plugin. Stay consistent with your extraordinary company by supplying consumers with an unparalleled product such as our customized Rectangular Recycled USB Memory Drive! Additional Details Each recycled USB memory drive is equipped with a Tier 1 chip to guarantee the greatest dependability. Not only is it beneficial to our environment, but it will attract positive growth for your company! Explore the many options to develop your customized memory drive and stand out to prospects. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery upon ordering. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with any related questions, comments or concerns. We look forward to speaking with you! > Housed in Recycled Cardboard, this USB Drive is Pleasant to Handle > Keep Your Data Portable and Stylish in Our Eco-Friendly Memory Drive > A Variety of Storage Capacities to Choose From > Upload Promotional Material to Appear at Initial Plug-In > With a 1.38” W x .87” L Imprint Area, Your Brand is on Display


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