rOcean smart water filter

Filters, flavors and carbonates water directly from your tap.

Submitted Feb 2020

What if you could enjoy the planet without harming it? Billions of bottles travel around the globe to quench our thirst for a moment and pollute our planet forever. One device can change everything. Meet the Rocean One A single device that filters, flavors and carbonates directly from your tap to create all of your favorite drinks. rOcean is an integrated smart appliance that links directly to your tap, eliminating the need for single-use plastic waste from bottles. rOcean's filter eliminates over 99% of microplastics, lead, asbestos, cysts, VOCs, chlorine, mercury, and over 75 other contaminants. rOcean uses a technologically advanced sub-micron carbon block filter which can filter over 300 gallons of water before needing to be replaced


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