Adidas Parley

We're fighting for plastic-free oceans by turning plastic trash into high-performance sportswear.

Submitted Jan 2020

Adidas and Parley make history with the first high performance products made from ocean plastic. The Alphabounce+Parley is designed to give you all the comfort and support your run needs, with tuned forging and an optimized fit. It is also designed to save the oceans, with a woven upper made from upcycled plastic trash. Every piece is made of plastic trash collected from remote beaches and coastal communities. We’re rethinking and repurposing plastic to save our oceans, for us and generations to come. Any new plastic created today, including polyester, can be a plastic waste problem tomorrow. Since 2012, we’ve innovated ways to tackle the problem of plastic waste in how we make our products. By 2024, we'll be off virgin polyester completely.


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