Loop - refillable packaging

Waste-free shopping system with reusable packaging

Submitted Jan 2020

Loop is a new subscription service aiming to phase out single-use plastics. The program, first rolling out in US and France, will provide high-quality, durable packaging that can be returned and refilled. Shop Shop for leading brands, now reimagined to be waste free and exclusively available through Loop. There are no monthly membership fees or subscriptions - just pay a small fully refundable one-time deposit to borrow the package. Receive Receive your durable products in our exclusively designed Loop Tote, a breakthrough zero-waste delivery system that eliminates disposable, single-use shipping materials. Say goodbye to that stack of cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap and ice packs! Enjoy Enjoy products redesigned with innovative new features, unparalleled materials, and counter-worthy aesthetics. Designing for reuse allows our product partners to completely reinvent what packaging and products should look and feel like, and even what they can do. We Pick Up No need to trash, recycle, or clean - as you finish enjoying your products, simply place your used products back into the Loop Tote and schedule a free pick up from your home. We Clean and Refill Loop’s state-of-the-art cleaning technology hygienically cleans the empty packages you send back so that they are ready for reuse. You also have the option to set your favorite products to “auto-refill when returned”, so that you never have to worry about adding them to your shopping list.


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