Bamboo Toilet Paper

Submitted Sep 2019

Reel® is Tree-Free, Bamboo toilet paper that does good and feels good conveniently delivered to your door. All Reel® subscription orders include free shipping! Bamboo can grow 3ft in just 24 hours... In fact – it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet, it can be harvested once a year and doesn’t need to be replanted. It uses 30% less water than hardwood trees... Plus it gives out 35% more oxygen than trees, meaning an acre of bamboo can fix approximately 25 metric tons of atmospheric CO2 per year. Soft and Strong Bamboo fibers make a much softer paper product than many made from recycled paper and wood fiber. Also, because of its very unique composition, bamboo is naturally designed for strength. In fact, it has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel!


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