Impossible Burger

Submitted Jan 2020

A burger made from plants for people who love meat. Impossible Foods, the creator of fully plant-based meat and dairy products that aim to giveconsumers the taste and benefits of meat and dairy with a much smaller environmental footprint, isredefining the notion of technology. The company debuted the now widely known Impossible Burger 2.0 at CES 2019, handing out more than 12,000 sliders from their food truck in Central Plaza. Named Engadget’s “Most Unexpected Product,” “Most Impactful Product” and “Best of the Best” at CES 2019, the fully plant-based burger is kosher and halal-certified, and contains no gluten, 0 mg cholesterol and as much bioavailable iron and protein as conventional beef from cows. Impossible Foods turned to CES 2019 to launch their latest food tech for media exposure and to get themselves in front of consumers with the goal of altering people’s plant-based anxiety.


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