Aptera Motors

Submitted Dec 2019

Introducing the world's first 'Never Charge' electric vehicle, Aptera is back and funding on Wefunder. The new two-seater will feature three in-wheel electric motors producing a standard 4 second 0-60mph. With a spacious interior & lots of storage. Our vehicles enjoy unparalleled efficiency, using just under 100Wh per mile for everyday driving. And they can go more than 40 miles a day on solar power — five times farther than other EVs with the same-sized solar system. Efficient Solar: The Aptera is the first Never Charge electric vehicle. Most drivers will never have to charge their Aptera because they don't travel more than its solar system can produce per year. Efficient Safety: The Aptera is a whole new level of passenger safety. Safety through advanced science encompasses a composite passenger safety cell stronger than that of any other vehicle on the road today.


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