New HomeBiogas Generation

Submitted Dec 2019

A system for sustainable living that turns your waste into renewable energy & fertilizer. We're HomeBiogas. We have been pioneering the household biogas industry for seven years, making thousands of folks become more self-reliant and sustainable. Two years after launching HomeBiogas 2.0 in over 92 countries, we're launching the newest model! It's more efficient, compact and 100% recyclable. Make a closed-loop-system in your household. The New HomeBiogas Generation reuses the same materials over and over again to create valuable outcomes. Read on to learn how it works. 1. Food waste is fed into the appliance inlet 2. Bacteria breakdown the organic waste in the digester 3. Biogas is created and is stored in the gas bag 4. Liquid fertilizer is created for the garden 5. Gas flows to the kitchen for cooking Get empowered with a truly rewarding cooking experience! Image turning on your stove top knowing that your family alone has been responsible for providing your fuel needs. Reduce your consumption of LPG and electric cooking fuel, both fossil fuels that harm the environment, and adopt biogas for cooking- its renewable! Every HomeBiogas purchase comes with a specially adapted, stainless steel, countertop biogas stove.


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