Eco-friendly Bags

Submitted Dec 2019

GREEN BAG FEATURES > 100% recyclable and totally reusable bags > Packing and carrying capacity of 3 to 4 plastic bags, thus eliminating thousands of harmful bags over each bag’s lifespan > Attractive designs > Low cost > Designed by consumers for consumers MAKING A DIFFERENCE Leadership means taking the initiative in doing something positive about a given problem. The damage that single use plastic bags cause to our environment both on land and in the sea is well documented these days needing little further debate. However, what is needed is action, a positive response that leads to an ultimate solution. In the case of persuading consumers to break with the culture and everyday practice of using once and then discarding plastic bags we knew we would have to produce and promote a viable and effective solution. ATTRACTIVE, FUNCTIONAL AND AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE That solution came in the form of the very first and now highly successful reusable and recyclable bag alternative. The Green Bag Company led the way over ten years ago when it pioneered and introduced the very first reusable bag as we know it now as an attractive, functional and affordable alternative to what was then, and still is, causing such damage to our environment. First we introduced this attractive option into Australia, followed by New Zealand and most recently the US. Our products can now be found in more than twenty additional countries around the world. Now that’s leadership and making a measurable difference. Why? Because this initiative was not always well received and was in fact in some cases actively resisted! But we believed in our products back then and still today believe they will continue to help arrest the additions of millions of landfills and aid the cleaning of our oceans. EDUCATING SHOPPERS We are also proud of our contribution to help educate the next generation of shoppers and our work with schools and community groups are already showing measurable benefit, again we expect and encourage others to follow this lead.


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