Edible Cup

Submitted Dec 2019

The deliciously unexpected cup. The twiice cup is the perfect choice for your early morning pick-me-up or late-night dessert. Handmade in New Zealand in small batches, the twiice edible cup is no-waste and no dishes. You won't find anything artificial in it either — we only use real ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, so it's not just edible — it's delicious! We know what you're thinking though — won't my drink leak or spill, or won't the cup crumble like any other biscuit would? Nope, not at all. The twiice cup is leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer. So bite into that vanilla-flavoured goodness and be satisfied that one less takeaway cup will end up in New Zealand's landfill. Our story begins in 2015, when a beach swim at Okahu Bay, Auckland, unexpectedly inspired the idea of an edible coffee cup. Well, not our story. The twiice story. Our story begins with the four of us – Jamie and Stephen (son and father), along with wives Simone and Theresa. We’ve always had a knack for the artistic and creative, each bringing our own talents, skills and unique perspectives to the drawing board. Call us a family business, or simply a bunch of committed foodies who love getting stuck into a new project together. As most good things do, the twiice story began unexpectedly, brewed up during one hot summer’s day at the beach. An edible coffee cup, but not one that tastes like seaweed or rice - a really tasty edible coffee cup. To tell you the truth, we came home and completely forgot about it. But a few weeks later, Jamie decided we should give it a shot. We started trialling recipes straight away with standard muffin tins and it wasn’t long before we upgraded to commercial baking equipment. Finally, after years of trial and error, we had a product ready for launch – the twiice cup! The twiice cup is the perfect choice for your morning beverage or late-night dessert. It’s no waste and no dishes. It’s better living and better dining. We’re proud to be part of pioneering a new way forward for the environmentally-friendly cup and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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