Ecoistic Cloth Hangers

Submitted Dec 2019

Ever since Marie Kondos international bestseller tidying up is no longer an annoying, repetitive task but rather a therapeutic act. It is meant to bring along clarity, mental health, focus and happiness. We could not agree more. Especially whilst traveling, dining or attending an event there is nothing more frustrating than messiness, creased clothes and resulting confusion. The "All Wood" hangers are here to help. This ecoistic Superhero provides the perfect place to store whatever you bring along. They can be individualized and serve as canvas for your brands story. Who said closets, racks and wardrobes would have to be boring? This is why > Resource gentle: 100% bio-sustainable production source > materials from and production based in Sweden > No Plastic: “35 billion plastic garment hangers, go into landfills annually, less than 15% are recycled/reused.”** EC/US Integrated Waste Management Board. > Recycling: can be recycled as cardboard / steel after usage Added value > Use hangers surface as a canvas for your brands story > meaningful and utile guest amenity > show your commitment to play your part in tackling the global plastic challenge


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