Natural Cosmetics

Submitted Dec 2019

Treat your guests with trustable, one-of-a-kind cosmetic products. Be it soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion! The German rebel beauty brand "i+m" has a wonderful holistic approach to sustainability. Your guests will love the smell and feel these products will leave on their skin. For hotels, restaurants and ecoistic hosts of any kind. This is why > Certified: BDIH certified, 100% organic certified according to COSMOS ORGANIC standard > Vegan: 100% vegan certified by The Vegan Society standards > Cruelty free: no animal ingredients and animal testing > Resource gentle: 100% free of plastic, silicones, PEG's, preservatives, parabens > Social: Company supports fair trade projects and founded their own association "Frauenhäuser für Afrika e. V.", the first women's shelter in Zambia in 2014 > Climate neutral: Company compensates CO2 it produces > Refillable: bottles are delivered with practical design dispenser system on demand, refillable system for more waste reduction, refill boxes designed for housekeeping efficiency > Important site note: The producer received the 2nd place German Sustainability Prize 2019 Added value > highest quality and cosmetic standards for your guests > very appealing bottle design > great fragrances, feel good skin > show that you care about repealing microplastics and waste reduction


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