Vegan Lip Balm

Submitted Dec 2019

The only addiction our lip balm might cause is that of wellbeing and kissing. Kissing in organic bed linen, of course. Almond and soy oil, cacao butter and Vitamin E protect and nurture no matter which time of the day. Soft lips kiss better and soft lips will be the ones remembering a splendid guest experience. Good things take time - more information coming soon! This is why > vegan: no animal ingredients and surely no animal testing > organic: ingredients are certified organic > fair: handmade manufacturing at the Azores > healthy: free of palm oil, silicons, plastics, perfume, paraffin Added value > highest quality and cosmetic standards for your guests > pure nature for the lips, nurturing > feel-good-surprise, long term love instead of short term pleasure > wonderful hotel guest amenity, valuable gift and give away


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