Upcycled PET Hotel Slippers

Submitted Dec 2019

These trendy slippers from KAAITA are sewn from one piece of felt, with only one line of stitches, with the purpose to use as little material as possible and produce almost no waste. They are gentle to the foot, respectful of the environment and create truly good guest experiences. This is why > “Bye Bye single-use, hazardous material containing hotel slipper” - no EVA, lower CO2 emissions > Smart manufacturing: one piece of felt, one line of stitches > Social manufacturing: hand-sewn, supporting local craftsmanship and traditional skills > Reduced plastic waste: uses recycled plastic bottles > Reusable: in most hotels you will find disposable plastic slippers, this one is different, you can encourage guests to take them home > Recycling: the producer offers hotels the service of recycling the slippers that are still left in the room (hopefully not too many ;)) Added value > cozy, soothing and warming, reusable, washable > wonderful hotel guest amenity, valuable take-home-with-you gift > show commitment to solving the global plastic challenge


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