The Original Paper Pen

Submitted Sep 2019

Inspired by Feng Shui and Japanese aesthetics, our minimalist designs promote a sense of calm - while using 70% less plastic than the biro pen. In the midst of shrinking arctic sea ice, rising sea levels and accumulating plastic waste, founding CEO William realised that, although there are many initiatives tackling climate change, often it is the smallest changes that create the largest impact. Drawing upon this idea, William understood that the most effective way to tackle climate change was to simply redesign products with fewer environmentally harmful materials to begin with. With this philosophy, the idea for the Paper Pen was conceived. William teamed up with co-founder Marybeth, and together set out on a goal – not only to revolutionise the way products are made – but to prove that you don’t have to compromise to choose eco-friendly. The current design of the Paper Pen aligned with this mission, using up to 70% less plastic than a traditional biro pen, and replacing it with recyclable and biodegradable paper. Since launching in January 2019, our growing global community across 32 countries has collectively said no to 8,000 plastic biros. That's almost 37kg of plastic saved from landfill! So join us today in turning every letter, word and signature into a simultaneous pledge to live a greener life.


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