100% Bio-Degradable Plant Pots

Submitted Nov 2019

With our sustainable plants pots you don't need to worry about contaminating your soil with plastic. In fact, you don't even need to worry about adding too much fertilizer because Evegreen rice husk pots break down as organic fertilizer. Evegreen & Spectalite create advanced, eco-friendly products for a sustainable future. Through relentless research & development, our products are pushing the limits of bio-degradable polymers - at high quality, amazing performance and truly low costs. How it works? STEP 1 - Take rice husk from the rice mill. Simple sieving to assure quality and drying off rice husk. STEP 2 - Mixing base bio-polymers and natural additives (bio-polymer mix). Feeding bio-polymer mix through main feeder and dried rice husk through side feeder into the compounder STEP 3 - Taking pellets from the compounder and bagging. Delivery to injection moulding manufacturer. STEP 4 - Plant it.


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