Rent a Christmas Tree

Submitted Nov 2019

Your guilt free Christmas plan includes a free in-home delivery of a living potted Christmas tree! Green Tree Project provides an alternative family tradition of sustainability while keeping the spirit of Chrismas alive! How Christmas tree rentals work From the comfort of your couch or the convenience of your phone, you can shop for a Christmas tree here on our website. Schedule a delivery time and any extras (can we light it for you?). We bring a living tree planted in a pot with roots and all to your home. We place it exactly where you want it and teach you how to water it. After Christmas we'll pick your tree up and donate it to a local nonprofit organization who will plant it in the ground. In the traditional Christmas tree industry, trees begin in the ground, are cut down, and up above ground in the landfill. Green Tree Project inverts that model entirely. Our trees begin above ground, planted in pots. They go to your home (still planted in pots), and end up planted in the ground after Christmas. Christmas in your home is just the beginning of their journey; our trees enjoy a decades-long life of purifying our air and beautifying our planet


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